What we do

As a front line charity, we identify and support people who are in need.

Humanitarian Relief

Our volunteers provide aid and personal support to people living through some of the toughest challenges anyone could face.

Shelter / Accomodation

We work to help find displaced people and families shelter in the short term and homes long term to help give the opportunity of rebuilding lives.

Legal support

We work to introduce individuals with law firms and support networks who are able to assist on giving the best advice.

Our Story

Our Story

Our journey started in 2015 when our founders began delivering aid and support to refugees in the UK and in northern Europe. Since then, we have provided support to displaced people from areas around the UK and the world.

We believe that everyone, no matter their cultural or religious backgrounds, nationality, sexuality or political beliefs, should be able to live free from discrimination, hatred and threats.

We live in a world rich in resources yet poor on goodwill, we are working to restore that balance.

Support us in helping people